Reproduction of antique dolls with traditional technique

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Where are we?

Ninania is located in the heart of the Volcanic Zone Natural Park in La Garrotxa which is one of the counties of Catalonia, the most ancient nation in Europe.

The vulcanic richness of the county is visible in the personality of the inhabitants and also in the beauty of landscape and its impressive gastronomy. The very fertile valleys are fully saturated green coloured in spring, with widespread red dots of poppies anywhere; in autumn, forests become a fantastic symphony of colours due to the explosion of yellowish and brownish colours as can be seen in the natural scenario of La Fageda d’en Jordà ( a beeches forest)

Many artists were born in La Garrotxa, a rough and wild land. Some of the most famous are Josep Clarà, the Vayredas, Berga i Boix, Miquel Blay and many others which became famous outside the borders of the county. The influence of so many local artists contributed to the raise of the “Olot’s painting School”, with the influence of the French Barbizon school, known by its realistic and romantic paintings. This school influenced the local religious imagery industry.

Being in the bottom of the valleys, Communications have been difficult for centuries even with nearby towns; travelling to Girona, and even more Barcelona, was a real odyssey. Today, new infrastructures make our own country closer and Technology makes the world market available. This is the reason why Ninania, deeply settled in La Garrotxa, can offer its Dolls from Olot around the world.

Text: Josep Ferrés Coromina
Images: Ramon Roura

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