Reproduction of antique dolls with traditional technique

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About Ninania


Ninania is the trademark for Mariona’s handicraft production of dolls. As she says: “It is the universe around the fascinating world of dolls; a world without frontiers to which we contribute with our imagination”

Who we are

Ninania is Mariona’s personal space of development. She reached it through an unexpected spiral of events throughout 12 years. The procedures she learnt during her art studies at the Escola d’Art d’Olot (Olot’s School of Art) have been applied in the two molding techniques she uses to create her dolls. Being a collector of antique, mainly Spanish, dolls up to the 60’s, her curiosity led her to the study of everything related to the history of dolls: companies, materials, techniques, artists, chronologies, countries... finally Mariona took lessons with different craftmen and craftwomen to learn how to work with porcelain and vintage sewing. She also learnt the art of stucco paste in a workshop of religious statuary in Olot. Besides of all this, and following an evanescent clue, she made a research about the making of dolls in Olot (Nines NOC) during the thirties of XXth century. Thanks to that research, she is able to share her knowledge and reproduce those dolls using the same traditional and handicraft procedures that were used at that time.

Photo and composition: Elisabeth Suriñach and Tània Sallés

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